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Deep beneath the English Channel a small army of well-trained war criminals, led by Laszlo Antonov, have seized control of the Eurostar, taking four hundred hostages at gunpoint. Their plan: to blow up the Channel Tunnel and declare economic war on a government that has its own fair share of secrets to keep.

One man stands in their way - SAS operator Tom Buckingham is hiding somewhere inside the train. Alone and injured, he’s the only chance the passengers have to get out alive. Among them is the woman he loves, Dr. Delphine Prideux, who is returning to Paris to tell her parents that she’s pregnant. Trying to save everything that he holds hear, including his strained relationship, Tom unleashes a whirlwind of retribution and intrigue in his attempt to stop Laszlo and the other war criminals.

Based on the best selling novel by Andy McNab, the film hurtles at breakneck speed from the SAS’ assault on Laszlo’s safe house to Whitehall’s corridors of power to the heart of the Channel Tunnel. The film will employ SAS veteran Andy McNab and his vast combat experience and unique perspective on high-stakes crisis resolution to deliver the most intense and authentic SAS action thriller ever seen.