Sci-Fi Thriller

T.I.M. follows Abi, a robotics engineer, as she moves to the countryside to work for a tech firm that’s developing an A.I. manservant: T.I.M. She is hoping the new job will be a fresh start, allowing her to rebuild her relationship with her husband, Paul, following his affair, and start a family. As a perk of the job, Abi is given her own prototype T.I.M. She’s thrilled. After all, they’re meant to change your life. 
However, T.I.M. quickly becomes obsessed with her. He will do anything he can to take Paul’s place, using his access to their data to manipulate her into thinking he's straying again. What hope does trust have against an intelligence that can deep fake your voice, access your bank account, control the locks on your smart home and take control of your driverless car?
As T.I.M.'s obsession deepens, it's not just Abi and Paul's relationship that is in danger. It's their lives.
T.I.M. delves into our fear of A.I. – tech companies racing ahead, wanting to be first to market, when even they admit they don’t know exactly what they’re unleashing on the world. And whether it will destroy us. As Geoffrey Hinton, the Godfather of A.I. recently said in an interview: ‘Imagine a household robot where you could tell it what to do and it can do things. That household robot will be a lot smarter than you. Are you confident it would keep doing what you told it to?