True-Crime Feature Documentary

On November 17, 1978, Jayne, Mark, Ruth and Danny were working the night shift at the local Burger Chef in Speedway, Indiana. Around midnight, police were called to the restaurant after it was found abandoned, the lights on, back door open and the tills empty on the floor. Police dismissed the evidence, accusing the employees of taking the money to party. They allowed the restaurant to be cleaned, and the following morning it was business as usual.

The next day four bodies were discovered in a wooded area 30 miles away and the race to find out who killed Jayne, Mark, Ruth and Danny was on. Forty years later, there hasn’t been a single arrest made, or charge laid.

THE SPEEDWAY MURDERS digs deep to shed new light onto one of America’s most baffling unsolved cases; the bungled evidence and myriad theories of how and why four young employees were kidnapped and brutally slain over forty years ago.