Completed / UK / South Africa / 2014 / 92mins

Sci-Fi / Action / Thriller

2021: An invading race of aliens known as the Heavies are narrowly defeated in the First Earth War. Thousands of Heavies were left behind as a new war on terror rages.

In the aftermath of the first contact war, a series of remote operating bases are created to defend the planet.  Three Seven is the deadliest, positioned in the most hostile place on Earth.  Make no mistake; it is hell.

A documentary film crew is sent to record daily life in Outpost 37, where the men, led by hardened commander Captain Spears, are under constant enemy fire.  When a member of the crew disappears during a Heavy ambush, the unit launches a raid deep into enemy territory to rescue him.

During the mission, they make a terrifying discovery; the first invasion was only the beginning…