Completed / UK / 2014 / 100mins

Family Adventure

Steve Anderson hasn’t always been the perfect father.  It’s tough to be when you’re in prison for driving the getaway car in an attempted jewel theft.

But Steve served his time and getting out just before Christmas provides him with the perfect occasion to reconnect with his son, Tom.  It’s been three years, it won’t be easy, but he is willing to do just about anything to win Tom over.

One evening Steve gets a call from Tom; an old man claiming to be Santa is in his garage. He’s crashed his sleigh, lost his reindeer and needs their help to get home.  And just when Steve thinks it can’t get any worse, “Santa” gets arrested for a failed attempt at rescuing his reindeer.

Not quite believing but wanting to do the best for Tom, Steve reluctantly agrees to help. Together they must find Dasher, befriend some elves, break Santa out of prison, all this while outrunning Steve’s parole officer.  Will they be able to save Christmas in time?